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I've been trying to map out Offa's Dyke from its starting point near Chepstow on the Severn to Prestatyn on the Dee Estuary.

Sadly it was not to be the uninterrupted coast to coast linear feature I wanted.

The stretch from Treuddyn to Prestatyn is very tenuous. With Wat's dyke to the east being a more continuous and linear feature.

Maybe a later redrawing of the boundary between Mercia and Wales?

It's also apparent that the feature follows the contours of the landscape so well that some breaks along cliff edges are intentional.

The earthwork in also interrupted by iron age hillforts and Roman camps. Maybe the theory that Offa's dyke is older than early medieval holds water?

Anyone know of any good resources to help me fill the gaps in Offa's Dyke?

Map Extract © open street map contributors

Map of Offa's Dyke
Map of Offa's Dyke
Map of Wat's Dyke (Red)
Map of Wat's Dyke (Red)
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Shapefiles showing the relationship between the course of the River Wye and the route of Offa's Dyke.

The wideness of the river formed a natural boundary and perhaps only a wooded palisade was constructed?

These files can be unzipped and opened with QGis or ArcMap

River Wye.zip Attached file:
Shapefile of Part of the River Wye

offa.zip Attached file:
Shapefile of Offa's Dyke

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Shapefile showing the course of Wat's Dyke

Wat's Dyke runs close to Offa's northern section.

wat.zip Attached file:
Shapefile of Wat's Dyke


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