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Listed Buildings

What is a Listed Building?

Listed buildings are buildings that are protected by law. They cannot be demolished or changed without special permission from the local council.

Listed buildings are selected by the Secretary of State under a special law that protects buildings on the list. The law is the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990.

To make the list a building must be either old, rare, attractive or nationally important.

Listed buildings come in three flavours.

  • Grade I (grade one), buildings must be exceptional.
  • Grade II* (grade two plus), buildings must be important and special.
  • Grade II (grade two), special buildings that have met the grade to be protected.

The government body that oversees listed buildings is called Historic England. Anyone can nominate a building to be listed. If there is a building in your area that is worth saving for future generations, you can fill in a form and ask for it to be considered for the list.

Map of Listed Buildings in England

Zoom the map to 13 or higher for listed buildings to appear.

Click or hover over a marker for more details of the listed building.

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